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Ordering is really easy, just give us a call and tell us what products you would like and the day you would like them, we will also call you as the driver is leaving the farm with your order.Payment can be made over the phone by card.

The great thing about buying your turf and soil from ourselves is that you are dealing direct with the farm, we only sell our products within about a 25 mile radius of our base, unlike many other local turf growers who are supplying turf nationwide via the internet, this means that when you call and order your turf from ourselves it is still growing in the field on our nursery,ensuring it will be nice and fresh, and also it enables us to get your new lawn to you in rapid time because we do not have to wait for it to be delivered into us first like garden centres and turf agents have to.

In fact your new lawn will quite often be delivered to you inside 2 hours of being harvested, (dont worry the worms come for FREE!)

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Whilst Our Turf Is Probably Not The Cheapest It Is also Not The Most Expensive, we only grow quality mixes selected from the top stri rated species, we then carry out an expensive year-round program of weed treatment, potash & Nitrogen applications and a mixture of iron based liquid fertilizers and Ferrokelp seaweed applications for year round colour and leaf density

PLease Note that turf is classed as being a highly perishable product, we advise you to inspect the goods thoroughly on delivery and contact us immediately by phone and the contact form below before installing the goods if you are dissatisfied in any way, we will not be held responsible for any deteriation after the product has been accepted by the customer or there agent.

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We also grow high quality garden lawn turf

Why Buy From Us?

Product Quality

We only ever sell farm sourced topsoil, never ever recycled or skip waste topsoil that has been screened we refuse to even sell these soils as a cheaper option because we do not want them on our site. They have no place in a healthy garden, contain little goodness and should not really even be described as topsoil. Topsoil should only be used to describe the best quality soil fit for the top few inches of ground.


We only ever deliver with our own vehicles which are all fitted with cranes meaning we can usually always get the goods exactly where you want them. Unlike many companies who outsource their deliveries to national hauliers who usually turn up with the dreaded pump truck.


As well as great products, we like our customers to also feel that they have had a great service. This means good communication, such as a courtesy call 1 hour before delivery,pleasant helpful uniformed delivery drivers and 100% satisfaction in the products you receive, we advise you to inspect your goods on delivery and if there is any reason you are not happy we will take them back and refund your money 100% no problem.REMEMBER TURF is classed as being highly perishable, once the customer or there agent accepts delivery we accept no responsibility for deterioration due to any factors such as weather, wind blown weeds etc.

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